Friday, March 11, 2011

A Murder of Crows is lunching on the bag of tiny organs in my lawn. I wonder what's for desert.....

I recently came across a list for the collective names of groups of animals.  It was fascinating.  So I wanted to share my favorites.

Pod of Dolphins (oh, I the thing Lady Gaga was in at the Grammys?)
Intrusion of Cockroaches (yup.) 
Bevy of deer (incredible)

Memory of Elephants (of what...I forgot?)
Flamboyance of Flamingos (created by Richard Simmons, for sure.)
Confusion of Guinea Fowl (so like a bird and a  guinea pig had sex---yup I'm confused too)
Boil of hawks (lobster?, hawks. oh, okay lobster)
Bloat of hippopotamuses (Jenny Craig, you bitch)
Flock of Lice (seriously?! I really don't think a name is necessary for this.  My kid has lice. plural. period. end of story. We get it, you're dirty.  My kid has a flock of Lice!  Quarantine! Call Hazmat and get me my biohazard suit stat.)
Carload of Monkeys  (You mean a jumping bedload of monkeys?)
Parliament of Owls (let's just blame Bush)
Shrewdness of Apes (wikipedia says this is what you call a group of jews.... Click to see that I am not in fact the racist. Wikipedia is racist.)
Rhumba of Rattlesnakes (like the dance Baby has to learn in Dirty Dancing)
Unkindness of Ravens (that's just mean)
Stubbornness of Rhinoceroses (you'd be stubborn too if you weighed over 2 tons)
Run of Salmon (Ohhh I see. In that case, I'm gonna go take a swim on the treadmill. Be back.)
Escargatoire of Snails (you silly french.  so then the Chinese must call a bunch of felines, a General Tso's of Cats?)

So this is great and all, but my confusion still lies in what you call a group of Duggar babies? There is like 37 of them by now....


Coral said...

You should focus on naming the cavern that the Duggar babies came out of, rather than the actual flock of babies! :-)

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