Sunday, May 8, 2011

From the mouth of a Frenchie: "Bonne fête des mères...oui oui et fromage s'il vous plait!"

Happy Most-Important-Holiday-in-the-World Day!!!  To human mum's and dog mum's alike!  Also soon-to-be-mom's carrying little plankton in their belly, and wannabe moms having lots of sex in hopes to conceive....oh and all the 16 and Pregnant MTV girls...but not so much the pregnant teenager I saw smoking a cigarette with the windows rolled up in the car and a 2 year old in the backseat.  But definitely to all other reproducing species..except the spider.


Danielle said...

Ok, I can't figure out how to follow your blog. Help me! Haha.

John Smith said...

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Jessica said...

There aren't many CG wife bloggers out there! Glad to find another one :)

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