Friday, January 7, 2011

My Life > a diamond encrusted golden bag of riches covered in milk chocolate and hand delivered by Jesus and Lindsay Lohan

Pantagruelism (Pan`tag´ru`el`ism)
-adj:  The habit of dealing with serious matters in a spirit of good and sometimes cynical good humor.

Someone reminded me today that not only is it January but it is 2011.  I think it may also maybe be Thursday?  Honestly you could have told me it was Easter Sunday and I would have gone and thrown on some pastels and dyed eggs.  The past few months, hell the past couple years of my life seem to have passed in this deliriously happy haze.  I feel like I've been a bear in hibernation only I wasn't sleeping and storing food for winter I was storing food for an ever increasing muffin top that is the result of being so in love you no longer have to stop eating after your fifth bite, you can actually have seconds, thirds, and the occasional fourths.   Which brings me to my point...if there is one worth pointing out.  Today I was prompted to reread through my blog entries thus far looking for any kind of subliminal messages or things that would make someone question my happiness.  I grabbed my Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring and vigorously searched for anything that proved such, but was discouraged to only find a secret transmitted message that told me to drink my Ovaltine.  Be sure to drink your Ovaltine? Ovaltine?! Son of a bitch!  So yes world, I am happy. Do I really hate jews, doctors, dentists, and the occasional jobless bum you may ask? About as much as I hate the lamp beside me and comparable to my level of wanting to make dinosaurs extinct.  Without them I wouldn't have been able to shed some humor on an otherwise boring and uneventful love life. Or have a dreidel, which is an incredible thing. So call off the troops, the protesters, the skeptics, cancel the suicide counselor and divorce attorney and put the tragically humorless to bed.  My rants consist of the process of growing up, growing out,  growing sideways, downways, and diagonalways.  It is life as well all know it, with all of its hardships, joys, and life changing lessons.  It is cynical, humorous, and my play on making the not so funny, well...funny.  It is the process of my growth into a life of love, and realism.  It is leaving behind the non-existent fantasy world we all knew as kids.  It's the life I've lived, and the life I love.  So I'll repeat it for all of you in the backrow, yes my life is greater than a parade of cute cuddly puppies presenting me with a certificate of free milkshakes for life.



Anonymous said...

Bravo, well said!!! You go girl! Mummy

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAhmen! Or if you're of nonreligious denomination....raaaaamen like the noodles. I look forward to reading all of your posts!!!


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